Best Coffee Grinders for a Great Cup of Coffee Every Day


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee can wake some of us from our deepest slumbers. Most of us have grown accustomed to our morning coffee runs to our favorite cafes but have you ever thought that the same taste could be achieved from the comfort of your homes too?

If the idea of waking up to a delicious cup of coffee every morning by your bedside, with the aroma teasing your senses sounds tempting to you, then it’s time to invest in Coffee Grinders.

However, with so many options available today, it might get really confusing for you to choose the right one. Fret not, this guide will make your search easy and bring you closer towards the coffee grinder of your dreams that will give you freshly brewed and aromatic cups every day. You can take a look at our sister website for the most recommended list of the
best coffee grinders in the market for 2021.

How do Coffee Grinders make your life easy?

Coffee grinders are quite a popular appliance for the coffee addicts who cannot survive without it. So, make sure you read through our sister blog on grinding the coffee without the coffee grinder that helps you understand a simple way to prepare your perfect coffee. If you are a real coffee drinker, you automatically get to know the difference between freshly ground and preserved beans. With this, you also realize how painful it is to drink preserved beans and machine-made coffee every time you long for your favorite cup. If, however, you are someone, who loves sipping on a cold Frappe in the morning, read on my next blog, “Cold Coffee Brew Maker” for more.

Importance of Coffee Grinder

Did you know coffee goes stale over time and loses its bursting tastes?

Therefore, if you want your coffee to taste amazing each time, coffee grinders or coffee makers is the best thing you can invest in. With a grinder, you can grind the beans whenever you want. Grinders can be expensive to invest in but a good quality grinder can change your taste and appreciation in coffee instantly. One important point to remember is that coffee beans also change their taste if the grinder is not clean. If you are struggling to keep your grinder clean, take a look at a blog post,How to Clean a Coffee Grinder“.

Types of Coffee Grinders

Comparatively cheaper, these are the manual versions. Unfortunately, the tricky part here is that these grinders are very inconsistent. They sometimes give you finely coarse grains and sometimes a powdery texture. Thus, the end result is far from what you would expect. Blade grinders, if used over a long period can cause your coffee to burn, giving it a very unpleasant taste. One great advantage of such grinders is their easy to clean feature owing to their simplistic design.

Burr-GrinderBurr Grinders crush your coffee beans between two plates. One stays stationary while the other is attached to the motor. Together, these plates crush the beans and provide you with uniformly sized grains. The distance between both the plates is adjustable, giving you control over their consistency. These grinders like KRUPS Precision Flat Burr Grinder are a coffee lover’s best pal as they offer unmatched precision while grinding. These grinders are further available in two types- Flat and Conical Burr Grinders.

Flat Grinders

Flat grinders work under the mechanism of alteration, where you can bring the plates closer or move them further apart to adjust your bean’s size as per your taste. These plates rotate in opposite directions to grind the beans finely. These are cheaper than the conical grinders.

Conical Grinders

Conical grinders have a longer lifespan and better-tasting crushed beans. The number of grounds wasted is also less. One of the best in this category is “Hand coffee Grinder Mill with Ceramic Burrs” which provides coarse ground but a robust flavored coffee.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Coffee Grinder

  • Cost

Burr Coffee grinders demand significant investments. They can cost anywhere between USD 100 to USD 500. An affordable Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is also available that comes in similar quality and features. If you’re a person who loves to have a good quality cup of coffee without compromising on the taste, then investing in a good grinder is crucial. After all, the amount invested will be equivalent to how much you spend on shops every day to drink a good cup of coffee. So considering the cost, and the durability, it is a win-win for you.

  • Noise

Nobody wants to wake up with the sound of coffee grinding in the morning. Blade grinders create maximum noise, breaking your morning harmony until it will become a pain to bear the sound. So choose a grinder that will give you less noise and a more peaceful morning while your favorite cups get brewed.

  • Material

With the market mainly being dominated by steel and ceramic grinders, the choice can get tough. Ceramic grinders last longer than the steel ones because one might have to replace the steel plates after a few years due to scratches. However, the ceramic grinders are more delicate and should be taken extra care, each time it is used.

  • Warranty

Generally, brands like Cuisinart and Krups offer grinders with a 12 or 18 months warranty. With so many brands available online, it’s really convenient to order one for yourself which provides not only a good warranty but an easy part replacement facility too.

  • Usage

Usage implies two things- how frequently you intend on using it and how user-friendly a machine can be. Grinders are relatively easy to use with convenient controls that can be adjusted as per your taste of beans. You can adjust the settings after a test run and even customize it as per your liking. For manual grinders, you’ll have to rotate the handle till you get your perfect grain size but for Burr grinders, you can adjust the plates before the grinding process and you’ll be good to go.


A coffee grinder is a machine built for a niche market who is addicted to coffee. Even though you don’t feel you are a coffee addict, a cup of freshly brewed home-made restaurant-style coffee might change your opinion. After all, who doesn’t like a good cup before starting their day? The grinder you choose can heavily impact the taste of your cup in the morning. There is nothing in the world that cannot be fixed by a hot cup of espresso or a cold Frappuccino. With so many varieties in the market, take your time to figure out your options. The time spent will be worth it as you might fall in love with your latte all over again!




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