Best Mechanical Keyboards Buying Guide

Mechanical Keyboards Buying Guide

Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards are quite popular and commonly used as input devices for PCs, desktops, and laptops. It’s something that most of us are familiar with. In our daily life, we use them in offices, schools, homes, and many other places. Having a good quality keyboard can create a big difference in the overall efficiency of our work style. Moreover, they are used as external keyboards with laptops and computers to make our lives convenient. With the advancement of technology, keyboard designs have also changed drastically to benefit the user. Earlier were the typewriters that upgraded into keyboards having metal filaments to support every key separately. And today, springs and mechanical switches have been extensively used for modern-day keyboards. However, choosing the right type from a wide range of keyboards can be a little confusing. Therefore, our guide will help you know what factors to consider before finalizing any purchase. 


Benefits of Keyboards


Although the Qwerty keyboard is the standard variant that fits most of the applications, there are different designs available that offer convenience and usability. Keyboards today often come with specific designs to suit different tasks and applications. Usually, in homes and offices, a QWERTY keyboard is used as they come with a special ergonomic design. Such keyboards are easy to operate and provide better functioning.

Speed and Accuracy

In the era of touch screens and touch keyboards, QWERTY keyboards still are the most popular choice. This is because the accuracy and speed offered by these keyboards are far superior as compared to the other ones. The layout of these keyboards is designed in such a way that all the frequently used keys are positioned next to each other to promote convenience. However, the keys that are not used much more frequently are placed at some distance. This enables the user to type fast and efficiently.

Offers Durability

Keyboards that have mechanical switches offer more strength and durability. They are highly resistant to wear and tear and their keys function smoothly even when used over an extended period. High Durability also results in lessening maintenance requirements.  

Improves Typing

Typing on mechanical keyboards can further result in improving your typing speed. QWERTY keyboard allows you to erase easily the words that you misspelt. All keys in the layout are placed in a position where your hands can reach easily. Thus, practising on these keyboards will help you improve your typing speed significantly. QWERTY keyboards are widely used as they have a common layout and allow you to type easily on any keyboard. 


Factors to Consider before Buying Keyboards

Key Switches

Selecting the right type of key switches is an important call to make as keys directly affect the performance of any keyboard. The most commonly used switches are mechanical, silicone dome, and scissor switches. However, many affordable and low-price keyboards come with rubber domes that use silicon rubbers to act as a switch for each key. However, they do not last long as with repeated actions, rubber gets a break and loses its springiness. Scissor switches are better than rubber domes because they come with an extra plunger to keep the stability. But mechanical switches are still the top priority of many professionals.

Connectivity Options

The most common way of connecting a keyboard with a PC is a wired USB. Bluetooth and other wireless methods of connecting a keyboard are also gaining high popularity because of their ease of handling. However, some wireless keyboards lag in transmitting data that results in a bad user experience and low performance. Usually, gamers and professionals prefer USB connections for quick transmission of their input data. Both connectivity options have their different pros and cons. Therefore, consider buying the one that fits your preferences perfectly.

Design and Ergonomics

Different manufactures offer different designs of keyboards with the goal of benefitting users by providing a more comfortable structure and ergonomic design. Some keyboards are thinner, while others have curved designs. Some keyboards also come in split designs to reduce efforts that are put by the user while typing. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a keyboard design you find more comfortable while typing. 

Key Layout

Although a standard key layout is used in many keyboards, few changes are made by manufacturers to attain a specific design. The positioning of several keys such as F keys, number keys usually vary in different keyboards. Some keyboards that are made for mac OS have additional mac commands and options button whereas the keyboard layout for windows PC has windows and ALT keys. Therefore, you must choose a layout that is compatible and easily usable.

Best Keyboards of 2021

Based on performance, speed, gaming, compatibility, value for money, connectivity, customer support, noise and lighting. This list was generated from over 20k reviews. We were able to compile the list of Fifteen (15) best Keyboards.




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Buying the right type of keyboard is not a simple task as it brings many confusions. Therefore, we have tried to explain here those important factors that you can consider before buying. Although, our guide will help you choose the best product, determining your needs first is highly essential. You should first identify your needs before the purchase.

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