Best Smartwatch Buying Guide (Best Smartwatches of 2021)

Smartwatch Buying Guide


A Smartwatch is a smart gadget and comes under wearable technology. Basically, it is like an extended version of your phone, that can sync in and help you stay connected to emails, messages, GPS navigation etc. It is connected with the help of Bluetooth technology and helps you place calls and receive them easily with the tap of a finger. However, the market is filled today with many brands and variants of Smartwatch. Even if you’ve done the research and know which model you want, there are still a few things to look at. One thing to remember is that Smartwatches are a lot like smartphones when it comes to choosing one and thus many factors should be considered before buying one. Take a read through this informative to know to understand the various aspects before buying a Smartwatch.

Benefits of Smartwatches 

Acts as a Travel Buddy  

Smartwatches can be a great travel partner as it not only helps you stay connected with all your updates while on the go, it also helps you in navigation. The GPS in a Smartwatch works similarly to your phone. It can pull up a map, guide you to nearby locations, or search out a specific destination. The biggest advantage is that you only have to glance at your wrist instead of pulling out your phone. 

Entertainment on Your Wrist 

You can watch videos and play music on the go. It’s never going to replace the big screen quality of your phone but for those quick moments, it’s unbeatable for convenience. 

Makes Phone Calls 

Smartwatch lets you make calls without having to pull out your smartphone. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need one other piece of equipment, a wireless headset. But, with the appropriate equipment, it’s a much more convenient experience. Some phones even allow you to speak into the watch which has a speaker instead of using headphones, but often the external disturbances may create interruptions.  

Health and Fitness 

Smartwatches play a very important role in keeping your fitness quotient high. It allows you to keep a track of calories burnt, steps taken and also it can display your sleep hours. This is really useful, as all you have to do is glance at your wrist to know how you are faring.  

Handy For Finding Your Missing Devices 

Most of the Smartwatches come with a “Find Phone” feature. All you need to do is get your Smartwatch connected with your smartphone through the Bluetooth. Once you press the ‘Find Phone’ button, it automatically starts searching for your phone.  


Factors to Consider before Buying Smartwatches  

Smartwatch 2


Smartwatches are capable of displaying a variety of notifications like incoming calls, missed calls, text messages, e-mails, social media posts, appointment reminders, alarms and much more. Similar to Bluetooth headsets, a few Smartwatches allow you to make and receive phone calls directly through your device rather than just receiving an alert (provided it’s within the wireless range of your smartphone). 


Smartwatches come in many kinds of display screens. Some are brighter while some are paler towards black and white.  However, the majority of them come in LED and OLED screens that keep the focus sharp and allow you to read the screen easily. Good Smartwatches have a quality display, and sharper pictures and texts.  

Battery Life 

The battery life of a Smartwatch can last half a day while others can last over 1000 days at a time. Of course, it will depend on the usage and battery capacity, but these two factors should be kept in mind while investing in a smartwatch.  


Go for interactive interfaces that will not only help you to easily access the apps but is also convenient while using functions like navigation and text messages.  


Best Smartwatches of 2021

Based on display and design, owner satisfaction, controls and functionality, battery and connectivity, sound, Gps and tracking, value for money, customer support, giftability and convenience. This list was generated from over 100k reviews. We were able to compile the list of Fifteen (15) best Smartwatches.




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Smartwatch is a must-have in this modern digital era. Moreover, Smartwatches have survived a lot of criticism in the past few years. You should consider investing in a Smartwatch because it offers a whole ton of benefits and features as mentioned above. Take a look at our featured section above from Amazon for more choices to make a suitable buying choice.  

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