Best Smartwatch Buying Guide (Best Smartwatches of 2021)

Smartwatch Buying Guide A Smartwatch is a smart gadget and comes under wearable technology. Basically, it is like an extended version of your phone, that can sync in and help you stay connected to emails, messages, GPS navigation etc. It is connected with the help of Bluetooth technology and helps you place calls and receive […]

The Best Gaming Accessories Buying Guide

Gaming Accessories Buying Guide Buying premium quality gaming accessories is important to level up your gaming experience. Today, there are many types of gaming accessories available in the market, all offering exciting features. But this blog will talk about two accessories that are majorly used during any gaming challenges – racing wheels and headsets. Whether […]

The Best Styluses Buying Guide (Best Styluses of 2021)

Styluses Buying Guide Modern-day gadgets like cell phones, tablets are all switching entirely touchscreen. This has revolutionized the way we treat mobiles and other screens. But with the growth of technology, users are looking for accuracy while working on their gadgets. These evolving technologies have given way to stylus pens. Styled to resemble a fountain […]

Best Computer Memory (RAM) Buying Guide

Computer Memory (RAM) Buying Guide After the CPU and the GPU, the RAM is the third most important factor when it comes to the overall performance of a computer system. RAM is used to store data and codes that are used to run applications on our computer. These components are installed directly onto the motherboard and are usually situated near the […]

Best Televisions Buying Guide (Best Televisions of 2021)

Television Buying Guide The world of TVs is looking better every day, but also more confusing. The market is flooded with TVs, LEDs, and LCDs of varying sizes and shapes too. Instead of making your job easy, it makes it more confusing. Today, there’s a ridiculously wide array of high-definition (HD) and 4K Ultra HD sets […]

Save up to $100 on Apple’s luxurious new M1 MacBook Air

Get the 256GB M1 MacBook Air for $949 and select models of the 512GB for $1149 on Amazon Good news! Amazon just knocked $100 off the 512GB M1 MacBook Air and $50 off the 256GB model, both of which represent new all-time low prices. You’ve been drooling over Apple’s revolutionary M1 MacBook Air for months now, but you still […]