There really should be a law on the level of noise you are allowed to make. I mean, there should be fines or fees that you would pay if your decibels are higher than a specific level, constituting a nuisance to the society. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t worship or have fun with the music […]

Val’s day

Love be like MTN today o. Everywhere you go, it would definitely follow you. The oppression has started for the singles oo. Well, that’s if you want to feel oppressed abeg. There are different parties to this Valentine today. The real time couples that kept the Valentine vendors in business and have been oppressing with […]

Start up

The series, Start-Up is one I feel most entrepreneurs dreaming of becoming big time should check out. This is not a complete movie review sha. Granted, it is not easy to kick off an idea and eventually pack up at the end of the day. But how easy is it to continue a business without […]


I see people celebrating five, six years of courtship and I always wonder how. How do you guys manage to keep it moving for so long? Don’t you get bored of the other party after a while? It will get to a stage when you realize some habits, you would definitely feel like staying off. […]


How funny it is to blame everything on the writer. I bet you have felt like getting your hands on the script writer or author, not understanding why you have an open ending or why justice wasn’t properly dished to some characters. But then, these people have feelings too. You can’t begin to imagine how […]