How funny it is to blame everything on the writer.

I bet you have felt like getting your hands on the script writer or author, not understanding why you have an open ending or why justice wasn’t properly dished to some characters.

But then, these people have feelings too. You can’t begin to imagine how intensifying it is to not know how to properly end a production, hoping at least satisfy 80% of the audience, if not all.

I could count how many times you read a book or watch a movie or a series, cursing the writer out wondering why the book or movie ended like that.

Do you think this person wouldn’t have thought, oh, I should have written it better, oh, how best can I end it to give complete satisfaction to all viewers or readers.

I mean, how hard would it be trying to make sure everyone is fully enthralled and even hoping for a continuation.

Its hard to be a writer, harder when you have a bigger target to meet.

The casual burn out would be there, slump days of no thoughts at all. I wonder how writers deal with those.

I am presently battling with both sides of the coin as I am writing this.

Why would the writer make everything go awry at this point?

I mean we are almost done, why not just give us all the happy ending we deserve?

But then, my own happy ending could be the worst unimaginable finishing on another end.

At least, I am keeping my own thoughts to myself. There is a set of people who are not that polite, the Internet trolls.

Do you imagine there is some sort of pleasure they get after doing this?

Some probably think they are helping the writer by sharing this hateful thoughts hoping the writer improves.

I fail to understand how they think though. You are neither doing the author any good nor are you adding any value to yourself.

No one disagrees with constructive criticisms. It could even be an avenue for new thoughts by the writer.

Sha, next time, when you criticize that author, think about the person’s feelings too.

He must have tried his best to conclude in the best way he felt. If you do not agree with the writing, then that piece is definitely not for you.


Written by Raheemah Azeez

Just Vibes

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