Best External Hard Drive Buying Guide

What is an External Hard Drive?

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An external Hard Drive is very convenient for reserving essential computer data in comparison to the traditional burning of CD / DVD. It allows effortless and rapid transfer of relevant data.

External Hard Drives are the enhanced storage versions of a USB flash drive and are quite popular among most of the computer users.

Today a new series of USB 3 is also available and are compatible with all modern PC’s and laptops, They give you an interface that is simple and powerful enough to the plugin. The exchange speed is close to an internal hard drive, which means you can operate the backup processes efficiently without wasting time. 

Benefits of Having an External Hard Drive 

Storage Capacity 

An External Hard Drive usually possesses a high ability to store an enormous amount of data. If you want to increase the storage space, a 500 GB hard drive will be enough for basic functions like photos, files and videos. Most of the External Hard Drives available today comes in multiple terabytes of space that can vary from 500 GB to 5 TB or more. 

Backup Drive 

An external hard disk drive can be used as an urgent situation backup drive. If the internal hard drives crashes due to a virus or power surge, having a backup is essential, and an External Hard Drive is an excellent way to store files and data. If you rely solely on your personal computer for work then using an external drive as your primary drive can help save wear and tear on your internal drive, and, make it last longer.  

Improved Performance  

USB and eSATA drive mainly use plug-and-play functionality. It is easily possible to plug the drive-in to transfer data between computers. Also, the system recognizes the partition automatically and boots large-capacity external hard disks such as 160GB or more while having a speed of 7, 200 RPM approximately. A shelved disk drive will give you a backup speed of over 150 megabytes per second. 


External Hard Drives are compact and portable gadgets and can be carried around with you wherever you go. It is a great back up while you are on business trips.  

Longer Life 

An SSD is much prone to damage than a traditional hard drive, as it doesn’t contain any small movable parts. USB drives can be unplugged and put away when not required so that they are entirely isolated from the PC or server. 


Features to Consider Before Buying an External Hard Drive 

High Storage Capacity  

External Hard Drives have massive storage capacities. They vary from as low as 20 GB and goes up to 8 TB. However the higher capacities are used by professionals for storing large amount of secured data. 

Transfer Speed 

While considering the storage technology, there, are a couple of main factors that play a role. One of the major factors is how quick your drive can operate. When linked to a USB3 or eSATA interface, the transfer speeds are almost equal to an internal drive.   The disk exchanges data with most of the computers, within a few minutes even with larger files making them a very convenient back-up option.  


An External Hard Drive can be attached practically to all computers through a USB cable or wireless connection without having the requirement of installing drivers. Using the Plug-and-Play functionality, you can move plenty of terabytes at a lightning-fast speed. You only have to plug it into the USB port of the computer. The info recovery program also helps you to recover files through the USB pen drive once you face any problem. External Hard Drives are the most affordable storage device if you think about the additional benefits it offers over burning CDs and DVDs. 


Best External Hard Drives

Based on owner satisfaction, storage capacity, build and mechanism, power output, value for money, customer support, convenience and noise. This list was generated from over 35k reviews. We were able to compile the list of Ten (10) best External Hard Drives.




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External drives with numerous storage capacities can easily link to the computer via USB and are quite compatible with all kinds of computers and OS. For all those who take their data safety more seriously, look for a drive with hardware encryption. To know more about your buying choices, take a look at some of the hard drives displayed above and browse through to the page on Amazon.

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