I see people celebrating five, six years of courtship and I always wonder how.

How do you guys manage to keep it moving for so long?

Don’t you get bored of the other party after a while?

It will get to a stage when you realize some habits, you would definitely feel like staying off.

It is now extremely hard if one is an introvert.

When the person gets too close for comfort and tries to bring you out of your shell, you would definitely retreat before it deepens. Then, you tell yourself when it finally ends, he/she should have known before getting into it.

You do know we fall very fast though, but it’s very hard to continue once bored. The little traits would definitely show before it’s too late.

There is this habit of making the other party tired until he/she feels its not worth the effort anymore.

Does this mean introverts don’t stay in love for long? Do they not still find their fated partner?

No, that is not true.

It just depends on the other party adapting to them.

You know very well, this person is an introvert. You shouldn’t expect him or her to change over some time. It doesn’t work that fast.

Sure, we do make sacrifices but it’s not immediate. Taking things slowly is just the best way to get through.

And….that’s all for today


Written by Raheemah Azeez

Just Vibes

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