Isomoloruko (Naming ceremonies)

I get the idea that we have to celebrate good things but must it be done extravagantly?

I mean, what is wrong with small ceremonies and doing things to satisfy yourself rather than thinking of people’s views every time?

I am trying my possible best to not sound angry sha or even rant small, because the thing is annoying.

The part that brought about the post mainly sha is the payment for the alfas.

Why can’t you conduct a small prayer and just name the baby? Lobatan!!!

No, they would collect money for every letter of the child’s name.

If you are a dignitary at the event, don’t think you can escape from their clutches because you must definitely drop some money.

I wonder whether this money is given to the parents though or it’s all pocketed by the Alfas.

The idea of sharing food at the event like a party is nice but please, don’t pour money down the brain just because of “People saying this and that”.

It’s fine to follow your religious/ cultural rites, you shouldn’t have to break the bank.

It’s just a day..

Yeah, it definitely should be one of worthy mention but don’t go extreme.

You do remember that after this one day, the baby’s whole life is right in front of you.

But what do I know?



Written by Raheemah Azeez

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