Start up

Start up

The series, Start-Up is one I feel most entrepreneurs dreaming of becoming big time should check out. This is not a complete movie review sha.

Granted, it is not easy to kick off an idea and eventually pack up at the end of the day.

But how easy is it to continue a business without having a clear revenue model?

Are you setting up your business just to solve a problem in a short while and back off at the end?

It is quite nice for you to have an innovation, something no one has thought of or doing it in a better than expected way that would make people reach out to you.

It is however important for you to know the future progression for the idea.

Even if you started out small, that shouldn’t bar you from looking to scale up.

That mini WhatsApp business you are doing, do you have a clear model for it or you are just doing it for the time being, not planning to scale up, no matter how little?

It’s quite normal to doubt yourself at some point and wonder if you are going the right way. After all, you are only human. Rising up after the doubts and taking the harder step/leap matters more.

As I keep mentioning, it is quite important to have constructive criticisms. They go a long way in one’s improvement.

If you are working in a team, make sure it’s with people who share your values.

Having a clear model of your revenue and your costs is quite important in a business. You literally can’t convince wise investors without this.

I reckon it would be banal if you don’t understand the business dynamics of what you are delving into.

Do not rush. Rome was definitely not built in a day. You would get there eventually, the little steps you take everyday matter.

It will be outrightly nice if we had a sandbox over here too. There are so many youths with ideas that inevitably go kaput without funding.

The idea of a sandbox however doesn’t just deal with funding, it is simply like Silicon Valley.

If you are interested though, you really should check out Start-Up.

It’s a good guide to the startup world. You get to laugh, love and learn.



Written by Raheemah Azeez

Just Vibes

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