The Best Styluses Buying Guide (Best Styluses of 2021)

Styluses Buying Guide


Modern-day gadgets like cell phones, tablets are all switching entirely touchscreen. This has revolutionized the way we treat mobiles and other screens. But with the growth of technology, users are looking for accuracy while working on their gadgets. These evolving technologies have given way to stylus pens. Styled to resemble a fountain pen, the stylus pens are the perfect tool for touchscreen device like tablets. They are popularly used to sign, sketch and write within apps. These lightweight input devices feel just like a pen and are super easy to use. Styluses contain a capacitive touch screen that uses the electrostatic field to register the command. So, whether you need to type a message in your email or on WhatsApp, sketch your favorite fictional character, play a game, or navigate while browsing the Internet, a stylus pen will offer better control and precision. Buying styluses might look easy but they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The wide array of styles and features makes it a challenging task to choose the best one. However, by following this guide you will be able to make an ideal purchase decision.


Benefits of Styluses

Great for Handwritten Notes             

If you write extensive handwritten notes, the stylus is great for you. Writing with a stylus doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. However, it does make them a lot easier to fix, and the process is a lot more natural. For example, if you accidentally skip a word, you don’t have to start over. Just tap the word to your right, and change the highlighted section.

More Sanitary Than Finger      

Shining touch screens can rapidly change into unique mark-covered wrecks. However, the stylus keeps your screen cleaner and more smear-free than your fingertips. They can likewise be used on open touch screen machines like ATMs or installment stations. In this way, you can stay away from germs and viruses.

Allows Easy Sketching         

If you are a serious sketcher, then a stylus can help you in many ways possible. Styluses allow easy sketching, sampling, designing, and annotating of your digital content. By employing advanced digitized stylus technology, you can easily turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet to help you create and edit your designs, write notes, and more.

Easy to Use              

Another advantage of the stylus is its simple to use feature. From an amateur simple tech-handicapped person to an advanced tech-savvy individual, all can use a stylus. With a stylus, you can either go for simple font or elaborate designs conveniently.


Factors to Consider before Buying Styluses

Type of Screen     

The first thing you need to consider is the type of touchscreen you have. For instance, if you have a resistive screen on your gadget, you should purchase a stylus that can put consistent pressure on the reception of the UI. However, if you have a capacitive screen, any stylus would work. These screens react to gentle stylus touch and offer a quick response rate.

Type of Stylus         

The two types of styluses that are popular today are active and passive stylus. While an active stylus consists of a tip and electronic parts on the inside, the passive stylus doesn’t have any electronic parts. A passive stylus simply works like a finger that works on the screen. So, depending upon your needs and budget you can choose the one that suits you.


It is essential to ensure that the stylus writes precisely without covering letters or conflicting vertical spacing. While you’re drawing, the pointer should ink over a similar line precisely and repeatedly. The line on the screen ought to strictly adhere to the pointer’s tip without any noticeable slack. Make sure to check the customer reviews and product ratings before buying.


Ensure that the stylus is easy to hold and is comfortable. However, there is no ideal design and grip because everyone has different levels of comfort. While some people prefer a thicker body with rubberized grips or angled grip surfaces, some prefer a stylus that suits the grip of your hand and is easy to hold and operate. Tus, read the product description carefully to be sure.


 A good stylus offers the perfect amount of friction between the nib of the stylus and the iPad’s screen. Because, if the nib is excessively smooth, you don’t have the line control that you may get with a pen on a piece of paper. If that is too sticky, you may make mistaken checks or get sore hands from holding the stylus all the more firmly to drag it across the screen.

Balance and Weight

Stylus weight should be distributed uniformly along its body. A stylus with most of its weight at the nib and a little at the opposite end is difficult to hold and hard to control. A stylus that is heavy, can cause aches in your hand after some time. Similarly, the one that is too light experiences similar issues like a slicker pen nib.

Best Styluses of 2021

Based on accuracy, customer support, overall satisfaction, value for money, battery life and type. This list was generated from over 22k reviews. We were able to compile the list of Twelve (12) best Styluses.



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The stylus has been gaining even momentum for some time now. Especially for the notetaking users, styluses were like a boon because they felt it offered a better way to jot down information. Hence, this small tool can do wonders for you but only if chosen correctly. To select the right type of stylus, follow the points mentioned above from Amazon. To know more about your buying options, do look at some of the best products that we have listed in our featured section above. We review and recommend those products based on their quality, performance, and durability.     

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