Val’s day

Val's Day

Love be like MTN today o. Everywhere you go, it would definitely follow you.

The oppression has started for the singles oo. Well, that’s if you want to feel oppressed abeg.

There are different parties to this Valentine today.

The real time couples that kept the Valentine vendors in business and have been oppressing with different sort of gifts.

The singles who want to feel oppressed (the Awwn crew);these ones can’t go without going mushy anytime they see the love being showcased today.

One of my crews is the people waiting for the drama that would enfold today. Surely, the day can’t just go by without funny occurrences. It is seeming more like it though as we come to the end of the day.

Another team is the couples that didn’t get any gift. Both parties will hear the story of their life today especially if there had been some anticipation or expectation for the gifts.

Well, bring the drama out abeg, we are patiently waiting.

The fashionistas nko. Surely you didn’t think I forgot them. These people were out to kill today with their matching red and white outfits. Most came out funny looking though.

The cruise catchers and the meme givers (I am a member here too), not that nothing much happened today sha unfortunately, but we still managed to catch cruise and create memes out of it all.

Smart business people have kuku found a way to make money out of it. This year’s profit will even be extreme due to the anticipation and hype for the Valentine season. If I had kuku spare cash, I would have joined inšŸ˜’.

Then, the unbothered crew. Donā€™t think I am Mtn oo but I have to be here as well. This is even my main team gangan compared to the other teams I tagged along with. We here don’t care about all the festivities going on because it is simply just another Sunday.

My own belief is that no specific day should be set for celebrating love. It should be an everyday thingy if you truly appreciate your partner. The most you can do is just to add extra spice today, if you really want to celebrate it. Lobatan.

Then, the most important thing is you not making a mistake of a lifetime because of just one day. This mainly speaks to the unmarried couples out there.

Valentine will come and go. In some hoursā€™ time sef, it will be completely over.

Eyin omo oni Valentine (Valentine celebrants), enjoy your day oo.

Awa singles (We the singles), as someone appropriately said, you no be wire, no let anybody tension you.

As I said earlier, Valentine will come and go.


Written by Raheemah Azeez

Just Vibes

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